Welcome to the Mid-Rio Grande Home School Band

The Mid-Rio Grande Home School band was founded in 1988 by a group of home school parents and Mr. Bart Strohl. Starting with six students, the size of the band has grown to as many as 95. We are dedicated to providing a sound music education and performance opportunities using traditional ensemble settings for home school students in and around Albuquerque, NM.

The Beginning, Intermediate, Concert, and Symphonic bands are available depending on skill and grade level, beginning in 5th grade. The instrumentation for all bands is traditional brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments and does not include piano, guitar, or other stringed instruments.

Jazz Band is available for students who are already in Symphonic and who complete an audition on these instruments: trumpet, trombone, all saxophones. Clarinet and flute are accepted in Jazz Band on a case by case basis. The rhythm section is comprised of drum set, piano, electric guitar, and electric/upright bass. Students who play rhythm section instruments are not required to be in Symphonic Band on those instruments.

There are three levels of Guitar Ensemble available (separate from band). Students will learn how to play classical and acoustic guitar styles depending on skill level. Electric guitar is not taught in the ensemble.

Want to know which group your child should join? Contact the director.

All classes are available for parents too! If you want to join a group, contact the director for details.



Mission Statement

The Mid-Rio Grande Home School Band (MRGHSB) provides an appealing atmosphere and learning opportunities to challenge students in an ensemble setting and to enhance a joy of music while encouraging individual growth and risk taking.


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