Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What age can my child start band?

A:Students must be in at least fifth grade to join band or guitar.  Grade levels are according to Albuquerque Public Schools requirements.  Exceptions are rare.

Q: Does my child need experience to join the band?

A:No. Our beginners are just that, beginners.  Students will learn everything about their instrument, how to play it, and how to read music while in class.

Q: What instruments are in the band?

A:The band is a traditional concert band with woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. Guitars are accoustic and classical only.  No electric or bass guitar instruction at this time.  No piano or string instruments are taught at this time.

Q: Do you teach drum set?

A:No. Drum set instruction can be acquired through private lessons from many teachers around town.

Q: My child wants to play drums. What does that mean?

A:Buy some ear plugs. Seriously, in the home school band, we don’t have drummers, we have percussionists. That means they will learn how to play several instruments (most provided by the band) including snare, bass, cymbals, bells, and all the hand percussion instruments that everyone loves to play with. Every student will need a snare drum and bell kit of their own.

Q: How do I obtain an instrument?

A:Instruments can be borrowed from family and friends, and bought or rented from a few local businesses. The band also owns a few instruments available for rent on a first come basis. Please contact the director first BEFORE purchasing or renting an instrument as there are plenty of instruments available that are not fit to play.

Q: What instrument is best for my child?

A:A short meeting with the director can help you find the best instrument for your child. Things to consider are size of the child compared to the instrument, and hand/eye coordination of the child. All beginners will get to try every instrument to see which one they enjoy most. Final decision will be made by the director based on which instrument is best and what is available.

Q: Which rehearsal location do I choose?

A:Students may attend any rehearsal location, but most choose the one closest to their home. We are flexible, if you miss a rehearsal at your normal location, you may attend rehearsal at any of the other locations that week.

Q: What does band cost?

A:Information about tuition and fees can be found here.

Q: Can parents participate with their children?

A:Absolutley!  Parents are welcome to attend rehearsals and learn right along with their children.  Tuition rates apply the same as any other student.

Have a question you don’t see answered here?  Please contact the director by clicking here.