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We offer various bands for musicians of all levels. Beginning Students (5th-12th grade) have very little or no previous training in music. Intermediate students have played their instrument for at least one year. They will remain in Intermediate Band until they audition into Concert. Both Concert and Symphonic Band are audition only. Concert Band students…


We offer three levels of guitar classes. Guitar 1 is for those who have never played.  We will teach you the fundamentals of how to play classical and acoustic style guitar. After a year in Guitar 1, students will automatically be promoted to Guitar 2. Guitar 2 is for those who have had 1-2 years…


Please check here for the latest announcements regarding band events. Concert Recordings Articles of interest We are currently seeking opportunities to perform for the community.  If you would like us to come perform for a group or at an event, please contact the director.