2022-2023 Band registration is CLOSED. Contact Mr. Bratcher if you need to sign up.

Page Updated 9/5/22

Beginning, Concert, Symphonic, and Jazz Bands are available depending on skill and grade level. Beginning students start in fifth grade (10 years old) or older and have very little or no training in music. Students progress through each level as their skills increase. By the time students reach Symphonic Band they will be proficient enough to perform multiple levels and styles of music with great musicality and expression. The instrumentation for traditional concert band includes woodwinds, brass, and percussion (snare drum, bass drum, keyboard mallets, cymbals, small hand percussion, etc.

I’m interested…now what?

Ready to check it out, but not sure what to do next? Here is what you can do now.

1. Check out this great resource from Be Part of the Band. Watch the demonstration videos about the following instruments to learn what is available to our beginning band students.
Percussion and Mallets (students play both)

Feel free to watch any other videos too, like the parent and student interviews.

2. On that page, click the Instrument Matching Tool and complete the activity. Remember your top three choices of instrument!

3. INSTRUMENT FITTINGS are currently closed. However, if you still want to join in 2022 and need to know what instrument is best for your child, contact Mr. Bratcher.

(Sign up here for a free Instrument Fitting. In 30 minutes you will find out what instrument works best for your child and how to go about securing one to play this year. FYI – instruments rented from the band are on a first come, first served basis. So sign up today!)

4. Check out the list of required instrument accessories for each instrument. You can order online with links on this page, or print this page and take it to the local music store. They will help you find what you need.