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Page updated 7/3/24

Guitar Ensemble classes are divided by skill into Guitar 1, Guitar 2, and Guitar 3. Beginning students start in fifth grade (10 years old as of July 1, 2024) or older and have very little or no training in music. Students progress through each level as their skills increase. By the time students reach Guitar 3 they will be proficient enough to perform multiple levels and styles of music with great musicality and expression.

Most people think playing guitar means strumming and singing, maybe some solo improvisation. While we work on developing those skills, our students also focus on playing in an ensemble. Over the course of each level, students develop the skills and techniques to play single note melodies and harmonies in a group with 2-6 different parts. This requires more music reading, listening, and cooperation than many standard styles of guitar music. Here are two examples of the type of music we play – Titanium and Kalimba

Ready to join? All you need is your own acoustic (steel string) or classical (nylon string) guitar and the desire to play fantastic music!

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Need an actual guitar for your child? Here is Mr. Bratcher’s recommendation. Please contact Mr. Bratcher if you have questions about a guitar purchase.