2024-25 will not include a World Music Drumming class. Keep an eye here for future opportunities.

Page Updated 7/1/24

World Music Drumming includes drumming, singing, and movement in the style of the music of West Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Students will learn proper technique and concepts such as call and response and improvisation. This class is perfect for parents to join and play along with their child.

Students ages nine and up will be provided a drum to play in class but are encouraged to use or purchase their own for practice at home. Acceptable drums include bongos, congas, djembe, tubanos, etc. Click here to see purchasing options. There will also be opportunities to play small percussion instruments such as maracas, claves, guiro, shekere, etc.

Here is an example of a World Music Drumming performance.

Want to help out the new World Music Drumming class? We are in need of more instruments. If you are so inclined, a donation of any of these instruments would be greatly appreciated!!

Versa Drums – any of these are perfect for what we play!






Talking Drum

Buffalo Drum