Page Updated 7/3/24


For Band and Guitar students, a one time payment of $45 per student

For students taking multiple band or guitar classes, add $15 per additional class. Example: a student taking Band and Guitar pays $60 for registration. Other combinations include Band and Jazz, Guitar and Jazz, Band on two instruments in different levels, etc.

For World Music Drumming and Ukulele students, a one time payment of $20 for one class, or $35 for both

This fee is due by September 1

For BasiCamp fees, please click here.

TUITION FOR BAND/GUITAR – All tuition is paid directly to Mr. Bratcher. Annual tuition is based on the number of classes taken per family. Tuition may be paid in up to ten equal payments September-June. The following tuition rates are for Band and Guitar.

First Class – $500
Second Class – $400
Third Class – $300
All others – $150 each

Example: Two kids in one family taking a total of three classes. Tuition is $1200 or $120/month.

TUITION for World Music Drumming and Ukulele One semester only. Cost – $200 for each class.


Jazz Band Add-On – Students who have successfully completed an audition and are members of Symphonic Band or Guitar 3 are eligible to take Jazz Band. Cost – $100

Jazz Band Only – piano, electric guitar, and electric/upright bass players with experience on their instrument can be part of the Jazz rhythm section without being in Symphonic Band. Cost – $200. Audition is required.

World Music Drumming or Ukulele Add-on – Current Band and Guitar Students can also take World Music Drumming or Ukulele as an add-on. Cost – $50

Parents may take any class along side their child for free. They are only required to pay the registration fee.

INSTRUMENTS – A limited number of band instruments are available for rent from the band.  Others may be purchased or rented from local business. Costs are based on the type of instrument each student plays. Generally, the larger the instrument, the higher the cost. Ask the director for suggestions and advice.  Additional costs will include cleaning and maintenance supplies specific to each instrument.

SUPPLIESCheck out the list of required instrument accessories for each instrument. Beginners are required to purchase the accessories package from MRGHSB. The instrument specific cost of the package is listed in the link. All others need to purchase accessories as needed.


**There are too many low quality instruments on the market and you will want guidance on making a purchase.**

**Currently we do not have guitars for rent.  Here is Mr. Bratcher’s recommendation for a first guitar. **

**Students who rent instruments from the Mid-Rio Grande Home School Band may do so for three years.  If the student desires to continue playing, it is best for the parents to invest in an instrument of their own. This also allows for more students to participate.**

PERFORMANCE UNIFORM – Students are required to wear all solid black. These are provided by each individual family. Girls – dress, skirt, blouse, shoes, stockings, etc. Boys – pants, button down shirt, belt, shoes, socks, etc.

No patterns/designs, leggings unless under a skirt, athletic shoes, sandals, t-shirts.